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For many small business owners, using a lawyer is akin to calling a fireman: one does it only when there's a problem.
That approach is foolhardy when it comes to legal matters. Especially for new businesses, needs such as marketing, sales,
staffing and just getting the business off the ground can easily take priority over legal issues,
particularly ones that don't seem to be of immediate concern

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I was taught that a lawyer was supposed to be a custodian of the community's legal and ethical sense
Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough.
Our sense of purpose and dedication remain. Every client matters. Every case matters. We are used to tough facts and difficult adversaries – often presented in high exposure cases where trial is imminent. Our vast experience managing large scale litigation from inception to conclusion, including complex commercial disputes, mass tort litigation and high-stakes liability matters, is unmatched. And we do it in all over the Europe states and UK

We are highly experienced, thoughtful in our role as advocates, and committed to being responsive to what our clients need and demand.
We are resourceful, sharp and innovative in handling litigation and trying cases of every kind, no matter the subject matter, size of exposure or venue involved.
We are fearless in our defense of our clients' interests, relentless in our quest to achieve the best result possible, and formidable opponents to adversaries used to getting their way.
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Banking and Finance
Your business is our business. Be it banking or borrowing, we always begin by understanding your businesses and preferences inside-out, in order to efficiently structure and effectively negotiate every step of your financing transactions. The Team also advises banks, financial institutions and investment companies in connection with their day-to-day activities. The practice's clients are chiefly banks, corporations and financial institutions.
Banking and Securities Litigation
Threats to financial institutions and securities firms come from within and without, home and abroad. We take on disputes including enforcement of security or creditor insolvency, cross border recovery, regulatory advice, antitrust issues, and misappropriation or misuse of customer information. Our team represents international and domestic banks, financial institutions and securities firms, advising on both contentious and regulatory issues. Briefs encompass a broad spectrum of disputes, from enforcement to cross-border recovery, and from regulatory and competition advice to claims involving misappropriation and misuse of confidential customer information.
Commercial and Corporate Litigation
We are famously fast. The quick, imaginative legal solutions we provide are grounded. We handle the entire spectrum of the dispute resolution process: from advisory and investigative work, to negotiations, mediations and adjudications, finally leading to trial or arbitration. Our litigators are not just experts in the law, clients also appreciate our deep dive into the technical and commercial aspects of every dispute we undertake. The Team is involved in resolving disputes through litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. Litigation strategy is developed based on an early assessment of the case and an analysis of the commercial risks involved. The Team can help with nearly every kind of civil litigation at any level, and has extensive experience in complex appeal cases involving many claims and parties.
Competition Law
The Team offers comprehensive advice on all issues of competition law relating to mergers and acquisitions, agreements having an effect on competition, joint ventures and dominant undertakings. The Team advises international and local clients on antitrust and anti-dumping issues, helping them to identify and comply with the respective legal and regulatory framework affecting their activities. Furthermore, the Team assists international institutions, the Government and legislative bodies on drafting legislation, as well as providing recommendations for amendments to existing law.
Construction and Engineering
We have built ourselves a leading name with a strong foundation of local and regional contentious and non-contentious work. Our extensive experience in dispute resolution encompasses adjudication, arbitration, litigation and mediation in a myriad of large-scale projects. Our abilities in non-contentious work run the gamut of drafting, reviewing and advising on contracts and project documentation. We represent developers, project owners, international and large domestic main contractors, as well as major international and domestic specialist subcontractors.
Corporate / Commercial Transactions
Money talks, and we speak all its languages, fluidly working on cross-border acquisitions, multi-jurisdictional transactions as well as joint ventures. We move quickly, but not at the cost of quality. Our structuring input is as valued by our clients as our speed of execution. CILO’s expertise includes joint ventures, sales and purchases, franchise agreements and licensing of intellectual property rights, as well as employee remuneration plans.
Financial and Technology Crimes and Investigations and Criminal Litigation
Never committing the crime of lagging, our team stays up to date with investigations in financial markets, giving us the familiarity and expertise to guide our clients through difficult regulations involving corporate and commercial crimes of higher value and greater complexity. If you are contending with a crime issue, be it financial, technology, we do it all.
The constant appearance of new start-ups and companies in uncharted areas of technology mean a constantly evolving investment landscape, demanding the innovative legal solutions our team provides. We stay ahead by keeping active in advising on and structuring these transactions, as well as being involved in cutting-edge developments. CILO’s investment team gets involved early in potential deals, often weighing in on shareholding and financing structures. Our active engagement continues into the negotiation and consummation of investments, including future funding rounds. This active commercial engagement gives us an in-depth knowledge of the clients and the business. We act for private equity investors, green field founders and private wealth investors.
Commercial law
Our professionals in the Team provide a comprehensive range of legal services to domestic and international companies on a wide variety of matters including venture capital transactions, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and restructurings of companies, as well as carrying out legal due diligence and drafting commercial agreements, including terms and conditions for the supply of goods and services, and those related to joint ventures, agency, distribution and cooperation. The Team also advises extensively both domestic and international enterprises on corporate structures and regulation, including company incorporation, shareholders agreements, minority shareholders’ rights, directors’ duties and liabilities, and the restructuring of financially distressed companies. In commercial law area, domestic and foreign companies will find at CILO consultancy as regards drafting the Bylaws and Act of Incorporation, implementation of several legal procedures necessary to be carried out by a private company (registration at National Registration Centre “NRC” of the company and any other of its decision that must be recorded according to the law). Our team is specialized in negotiating and drafting agreements for sale and purchase of shares and quotas and any other commercial contracts and agreements of various types. The firm is also engaged in opening branches or represented office within or outside the country, merger or dissolution of companies, consultancy as regards commercial legislation of European countries, representation of the company in court proceedings at all levels of trial.
Meet Our Attorneys
Our lawyers and other professionals are recognized for their innovative approach to solving complex legal problems and exceptional service, high ethical standards, attention to detail, and responsiveness. We are a corporate forum with a dynamic , flexible take on legal work. Our lawyers’ cross-domain specializations allow for seamless customized solutions for specific, unique client needs, solving complex briefs with precise strategy.

Eva Sherifi
Ms Eva Sherifi graduated in law from the University of Tirana in 1994. She obtained her Master’s Degree in public law from the University ‘Marlin Barleti’, in 2012. Ms Sherifi started her career in 1995 at the High Court of the Republic of Albania and during the period 2000 to 2017, she has been a legal advisor at the same court.
Dr. Aleksander Muskaj
Advocate Aleksander Muskaj PhD, was awarded his law degree from the Law Faculty of Tirana University. Following the completion of his post-university studies, he was awarded the title ‘Master’ in Civil Law in 2005 and in April 2013 he was awarded the scientific degree ‘Doctor of Legal Sciences’.
Guxim Zenelaj
Mr. Guxim Zenelaj has graduated in law from Tirana University in 1990. Following the completion of his studies, he was appointed as a judge at the first instance court in Tropoja, where he held the position of the chairman since 1993. From 1994 to 2007, he was a legal advisor at the High Court of the Republic of Albania.
Gjergji Robaj
Mr. Gjergji Robaj graduated in law from Tirana University in 2004, following a previous degree in Engineering obtained from the same in 1992. He has worked as a judicial bailiff at Vlora District Court during the period 1995 - 1996. Later on, from 1998 till 2006, he has been the Head of Marketing at the Sea Port of Vlora.
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