Our distinctive culture guides our approach. Our dedication to excellence in the practice of law rests on six founding blocks that define our culture.

Commitment to Excellence

Consistently providing the highest level of legal services in rapidly evolving markets of the SEE region while pertaining to be a full-service, do-all, law firm can be challenging. To meet these challenges, the number of practice areas, matters and types of cases we handle are limited to ensure each client receives the highest level of service and world-class legal advice. Solutions to mundane problems, easy cases and simple transactions are not needed in modern world. To that end, delivering the right solutions requires substantial effort and sheer excellence from each lawyer at the firm, from summer associates to senior partners. Hands-on approach of our partners to each matter, rather than mere management of the work of others, ensures the highest level of quality each client deserves.

Client Service

Building a long-term relationship based on reciprocity and trust with each client requires more than just outstanding legal solutions. At CILO, we believe the client service experience is of paramount importance in this process. Therefore, each and every lawyer and professional in our firm shares the commitment to the principles of excellence in service our clients have come to expect of us. This is best reflected by our attention to details, responsiveness and ability to go the distance to understand our clients’ business needs.


From the inception, our firm set out to achieve the goal of creating a true corporate meritocracy. To this end we have diligently implemented a business management model similar to that of the most prominent U.S. and U.K. law firms. This approach provides each member of our team with a clear and equitable career path and an environment in which every junior associate can expect to make partner, equal among peers. It also promotes direct partner involvement and focus on matters that require their attention, extensive experience and sophisticated know-how.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

CILO is constantly seeking and attracting talented, creative and entrepreneurial lawyers and multidisciplinary professionals. Many of our lawyers have degrees and first-hand experience in business and government. Innovation has always been a key element in achieving and sustaining progress. Staying ahead means not only participating, but more importantly, playing a leading role in shaping the change. In cultivating different ideas and perspectives, we strive to exceed expectations and use innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to accopmlish significant change in the practice of law and the conduct of business.

Pro Bono

Public service and giving back to the community together occupy a central position in our culture and the way we perceive the legal profession. Pro bono work allows our lawyers to apply and strengthen their talents in a wide range of areas of law representing individuals and organizations of limited means in a variety of matters. We encourage our lawyers, associates and summer associates to dedicate themselves to improve the community and help people in need by selecting his/her own pro bono activities.

Collegiality & Teamwork

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our lawyers work as a cohesive team on all matters. We strongly believe that encouraging people to forge relationships across the firm and its various practices leads to exceptional results and greater work satisfaction. We are a firm where the contribution of every lawyer is respected and the most junior associate has the best legal training and professional mentoring from the moment they join the firm. One of our core beliefs is to recruit good people, train them ourselves, and keep our top talent for the long run.

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